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AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is the solution for helping treat victims of suspected sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in demanding environments and conditions. Lightweight, rugged, and reliable, it can withstand rough handling, extreme temperatures, dust, or wet environments.
At present, AEDs are being installed in more public places, such as railway stations, shopping malls, etc., as they are capable of helping emergency patients. The people are easy to use. Follow the instructions of the AED, which automatically assesses the patient's situation and speeds up the cardiac function.




Enhanced Real CPR Help

The ZOLL AED 3automated external defibrillator (AED) provides detailed CPR guidance with proprietary
Real CPR Help
® technology. More powerful full-colour images and a CPR cycle timer, combined with voice and
text prompts, help guide responders through the rescue. The Real CPR Help integrated, real-time CPR feedback
tells and shows rescuers when they need to “Push Harder” or whether they are doing “Good Compressions,”
so they know when they are administering high-quality CPR


The ZOLL AED 3with RapidShockanalysis enables the shortest rhythm analysis for more continuous care and
more life-saving CPR. RapidShock analysis allows the ZOLL AED 3 to deliver a shock, if needed, in as little as
5 seconds. Minimising the pre-shock pause and providing more CPR can improve patient outcomes.*
Research shows that minimising time to shock after the CPR cycle ends may improve survival.
1 The 2015 ERC
Guidelines note, “The delay between stopping chest compressions and delivery of the shock (the pre-shock
pause) must be kept to an absolute minimum; any delay will reduce the chances of the shock being successful.”


Integrated Paediatric Rescue

Paediatric rescue is made easier with ZOLL’s unique CPR Uni-padzelectrodes and a child-mode setting.
Universal pad design provides rescuers a single, confident solution to treat both adult and paediatric victims
of SCA by using the same set of electrode pads and simply activating child mode.

Low Total Cost of Ownership
Longer-lasting 5-year battery and electrode pads reduce AED device maintenance requirements. Less
maintenance can improve device readiness and has the added benefit of reducing the total cost of ownership
over the life of your ZOLL AED 3.


WiFi Connectivity
Easily manage your suite of devices via the cloud. Every ZOLL AED 3 is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity for
seamless communication with AED programme management systems through your wireless network. Once
enabled, the ZOLL AED 3 will automatically report its readiness status, report a failed self-test, and will send
email alerts so you can take the appropriate corrective action and make sure your AEDs are ready in an
* On the ZOLL AED 3 Automatic, the pre-shock pause time is 5 seconds longer due to warning to stand clear of patient and shock countdown before delivery




The ZOLL AED 3 represents an invaluable investment in emergency preparedness. ZOLL AEDs give bystanders the confidence to intervene in a case of sudden cardiac arrest and to provide continuous high-quality CPR to increase a victim’s chance of survival. With the ZOLL AED 3, you’ll be ready to help in a heartbeat


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