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Fire Alarm & Sensitive Flame Detection Sensor

Fire Alarm Systems are systems that provide for notification of a fire the fire by using detectors of different backgrounds, as appropriate, such as Smoke Detector, Heat Detector, Manual Pull Station (Manual Call Point), which is. we can recognize and correct. The fire did not spread until it has no control.

"  Do not miss even small flame!  "


Early Fire Detection

    • Quick and sensing performance for flame (shortest 0.5 seconds)


Arson Early Detection

    • Sense the flame before the smoke and heat is generated


Outdoor Fire Sensing

    • There is no malfunction by the light of the sun & drip-proof


Smoking Prevention

    • Corresponding to various applications by the detection time setting


Lighting Failure Monitoring

  • It can be diverted to the monitoring of the constantly ignition location , such as a boiler



Very high Detective Performance