ALSOK Thai Security Services Co., Ltd.

Wireless Alarm System and Tracking Service


The Advanced Tracking with BLE Multi Sensing

  • Enables real-time awareness of variety of “things” using the MultiSense as a short range of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN).
  • Providing on-the-fly alert notifications enabling you to take proactive actions whenever required.
  • One MultiSense device for Many different environment sensing capabilities
  • Suitable for various IoT applications:
    • Connected home
    • Cargo condition
    • Activity of Daily Living using home elements
    • Chilled products in refrigerators
    • Lone worker in the field
    • High ROI (competitive pricing)
  • BLE based – the common protocol used in the IoT industry
  • Stylish design with small foot print
  • Long-life, easy to replace coin battery



Providing Real Time Visibility, Efficiency and Security

  • Preventing risks & exposure to losses
  • Immediately reporting in cases of malfunction
  • Upgrading cargo security
  • Real-time event trigger, monitoring, collecting data and reporting
  • Reducing insurance policy fees
  • Solution Scalability