Alarm System

  • How does Alarm system work?

    Sensors, in place of security guards, are installed at customer facilities to automatically detect abnormalities such as nighttime intrusions and fires. A security guard will rush in when an abnormal signal is sent to the control center.

  • Alarm system in Japan

    ALSOK has approximately 550,000 alarm system contracts in Japan, which is among the top in the industry.
    In Japan, it is common for companies to introduce alarm system, and a wide variety of companies from large to small and medium-sized companies have signed up for this system.

Overview of Alarm system

By installing sensors in customer facilities, we can immediately detect equipment or facility abnormalities such as intrusion from the outside or fire. If the control center receives an abnormal signal from the sensor, it will issue dispatch instructions to the nearest security guard if necessary. A security guard will arrive at the scene and will check the status of the customer's equipment or facility.

Advantages of ALSOK Alarm system

  • Reasonable price

    Sensors, in place of security guards, detect abnormalities, which realizes to lower labor and service cost.

  • Sensors don't sleep or slack off

    Security is provided by sensors instead of security guards. Because sensors don't get tired, slack off, sleep, or don't need to take breaks, they can perform more accurately and provide stable security.

  • Security guards during the day, alarm system at night

    With the increasing minimum wage, efficient security can be achieved by introducing security guards during the day and alarm system during deserted hours at night.

  • Differences from security cameras

    Security cameras only record when a burglar breaks into your office. With alarm system, if a burglar breaks in, a security guard will rush to the site to handle the situation.

  • Installed in offices, factories, and restaurants

    Alarm system can be installed in any buildings. ALSOK Thailand has been providing service at offices, factories, stores, warehouses, and restaurants.

  • Security set at night/security released in the morning

    Security is set up at night when offices and factories are vacant. The sensor is activated and detects a burglary or fire. The first person to arrive at work in the morning shall unset security.


ALSOK Thailand Alarm System

999 Baht/month´Ż×

Prices vary depending on the customer, as the number and type of sensors differ depending on the size of the customer's facility.
We will provide you with the most suitable security plan.

Installation equipment

  • Touch panel

    You can set and release security using the touch panel.
    It is simple and easy to operate.

  • Security sensor

    If there is a burglary, it will detect trespassing through doors and windows, as well as the heat of people.

  • Fire sensor

    It detects flames, heat, and smoke in the event of a fire.