ALSOK Thai Security Services Co., Ltd.

ALSOK - Professional Securities Service Provider

Why Choose Us

Satisfied Customer
ALSOK is and abbreviation of Always=Security=OK
The name communicate our constant presence at our customer’ side, and our readiness to act whenever needed.

People protecting People
Every member of the ALSOK team has the training with original Japanese Program and the dedication to enhance the safety of their customer.


Total Security
ALSOK provide the optimal level of security to all kind of site, large and small. Services are customized to meet a customer’s individual requirement.

About Us

We are Japanese company that become famous more than 50 years,
under slogan “Always Security OK” or called "ALSOK" We are running business
about providing Security Services in Thailand for more than 10 years since 2007 with the trust
of both Thailand and Japanese in terms of goods and services of Security System.