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<ALSOK Thai introduces “EV Motorcycle” in Bangkok>

~ Aim to Grab Safety, Security and Global Environmentally Friendly Security Operation ~

We, ALSOK Thai Security Services Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Bangkok, President: Toshimitsu Bamba), have decided to introduce EV Motorcycle for vehicle used for security guards in Bangkok in October 2023. We plan to introduce the 2 motorcycles at first, and then expand the number of motorcycle in the future. Our decision is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions during driving.
We will continue to consider the environment and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by selecting and introducing environmentally friendly vehicles suitable for our business.

<Comments by ALSOK Thai President Mr. Bamba>

  • We are conducting our security services business in Thailand. When a customer suffers a burglary or fire, a security guard quickly rushes to the scene by motorcycle to check the situation.
  • We are proud to support the promotion of environmentally friendly project by having our security guards use EV motorcycles.

<Comments by THAI HONDA CO., LTD. President Mr. Kimura>

  • Thai Honda is pleased to be developing an EV ecosystem in conjunction with leading partners in both the public and private sectors, including courier business, food delivery business, and financial institutions whose business operations prioritize environmental and social responsibility.
  • Thai Honda has now reached yet another milestone by collaborating with ALSOK, a company with a long-running reputation for security services. Because the two companies share the sense of commitment to reducing carbon emissions for a sustainable society, Honda BENLY e: electric motorcycles are now being put to use as part of an organizational transformation that expands the EV ecosystem, reaching untapped sectors in the process.”


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<Donate AEDs to Thai Rescue Team>

We donated AED 2 units to rescue team at hospital that rescue 13 people including boys trapped in Tam Luang Cave in northern Thailand on 9th July,2018.

ALSOK will continue to actively engage in social contribution activities not only in Japan but also overseas.

AED ( Automatic External Defibrillator ) is a medical equipment that automatically analyzes the eletrocardiogram during cardiac arrest and defrillation when detecting ventricular fibrillation.