ALSOK Thai Comprehensive Building Management

Facilities Management

From security services to facility management, cleaning etc. for hotels, we provide comprehensive management services in pursuit of optimizing building facilities.The ALSOK Thai as a whole is working on solving these social issues.By maximizing the infrastructure within the group and our sub-constructor, we optimize the entire corporate activity and promote efficiency of all management resources such as human resources and capital.




General Property Management and Fire Protection Services

We provide a comprehensive range of total building management services, including facility inspection, janitorial, building manager dispatch, and pest extermination services as well as repair and replacement services for lighting, air-conditioning, and plumbing facilities. Offering services from security and building management to facility installation, we are helping alleviate the burden on building managers.

Building Management

Ranging from janitorial services to the inspection of fire-extinguishing equipment, we
propose means of maintaining, managing, and improving the value of buildings to offer
long-term support for operating customers’ businesses.