Mini Bullet Network Camera




                    If you are looking for a new CCTV camera to enhance the security of their premises The bullet camera has a compact design and it is light in weight too. It is easy to install given the design and the make and will prove to be just the thing for anyone searching for a new CCTV camera. Equipped with a high-quality image sensor and high resolution lenses, the bullet camera improves surveillance and security in and around your premises. It consumes very little electricity too. It is an ideal choice for anyone on the lookout for new security solution for their home or even their workplace.



♦ Up to 2 megapixel high resolution                    
♦ Full HD1080p video

♦ Dual stream                                                         ♦ 4mm/6mm fixed lens

♦ 120dB Wide Dynamic Range                             ♦ 3D Digital Noise Reduction

♦ Backlight Compensation                                   ♦ DC12V & PoE

♦ Support H.264+                                                   ♦ Up to 30m IR range

♦ 3-axis adjustment                                               ♦ IP67 weather-proof protection

♦ Metallic housing & bracket