What will happen to security service when the minimum wage rising

Growing minimum wage in Thailand

The minimum wage in Thailand has been rising every year. Theminimum wage in Bangkok was 162 baht in 1999, but by 2024 it was 363 baht, more than doubling. So, how does this affect the security industry? The wages of security guards increases in proportion to the increase in the minimum wage. As a result, the rates for security services also increase. Then it becomes a burden for companies to introduce security services while the importance of security does not change for companies.

Security Services in  Japan

In Japan, labor costs rose earlier than in Thailand. What happened to the security industry in Japan? In Japan, there was a shift from stationed security, where security guards provided security services, to Alarm System, where sensors take part of security guards. Today, Alarm System is a very common security service for Japanese companies. Stationed security is not going away because some security services can only be done by people, but Alarm System is a more common security service. Alarm System’s sensors will alert the customer facility, and security will only come to you if something actually goes wrong. Therefore, Alarm System can be introduced at a more reasonable price.

Change in Services

This is the very moment that similar changes takes place. The minimum wage will rise, and the servide charge for stationed security will rise in the future. In Thailand, Alarm system is not yet widespread enough. But security is a unversal need and essentil service for businesses. more and more Thai company will adopt Alarm system.

What is Alarm System?

How does the Alarm System work and what are its benefits? Alarm System is a crime prevention system in which sensors are installed in offices and factories, and when an abnormality such as a suspicious person trespassing or a fire is detected, a security guard rushes to the site to confirm safety.

We will respond as follows. ① When the sensor detects an abnormality such as a burglary or fire, an alarm signal is sent to the control center, which is monitoring 24/7/365. ②If necessary, the monitoring staff will make an emergency contact to the customer and also report to the police and fire department. ③At the same time, the monitoring staff will give dispatch instructions to the security guard. ④ Security guards rush to the site and check the safety and situation of the site.

Benefits of Alarm System

What are the benefits of Alarm System? Sensors, not people, guard the clients’ facilities and accuracy and continuity outperform stationed security. If you are within the sensing range of the sensor, you can be sure of the trespassing of people or the occurrence of fire. The sensors won’t fall asleep at work or disappear from the post.

When introducing Alarm System in Thailand, it may be more efficient to introduce security service by both human and sensor rather than completely shifting from stationed security to Alarm System. In factories, offices and restaurants, effective and cost-effective security can be implemented by introducing a combination of security guards during the day and Alarm System guards at night, after business hour when no people enter or leave the premises.

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