How to make the safe more secure

How do you manage cash and other valuables at your office or store? I think many people manage it by putting it in a safe. But what if the safe itself is taken away or broken open? This column will show you how to make the safe itself more secure.

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Weakness of the safe

Safes are not easy to destroy because they are sturdy, and they are difficult to carry because of their weight. You also need a PIN code to unlock the door, so only a limited number of people can access the contents of the safe, which is an effective security measure. However, people can still carry the safe itself with you or pry it open, or even a PIN code could be leaked. How can we respond to such crimes targeting the safe?


Alarm System Enhances Security

The security of the safe can be enhanced by combining the safe and Alarm System.

Then, what is the Alarm System? It is a crime prevention system in which sensors are installed in offices and stores, and when an abnormality such as a suspicious person trespassing or a fire is detected, a security guard rushes to the site to confirm safety.

We will respond as follows. ① When the sensor detects an abnormality such as a trespassing or fire, an alarm signal is sent to the control center, which is monitoring 24/7/365. ②If necessary, the monitoring staff will make an emergency contact to the customer and also report to the police and fire department. ③At the same time, the monitoring staff will give dispatch instructions to the security guard. ④ Security guards rush to the site and check the safety and situation of the site.


Abnormal detection of the safe by Alarm System

By incorporating the safe into this Alarm System, the security guard can rush to the safe when there is an incident. The incident means the destruction of the safe, the breaking of the door, and the taking away. By installing a sensor in the safe, such abnormality can be detected. The more we increase the security level of the safe itself, the more secured the contents of the safe is. In addition, by installing a sensor on the door of the safe, it detects the opening and closing of the door and notifies you by email, so that you can be aware of any unauthorized opening or closing.

Furthermore, by introducing an Alarm System to the room where the safe is kept, the security guard can come there when there is a trespassing.

What do you think? Alarm System can make your safe even more secure. ALSOK Thailand offers this Alarm System. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

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