What is Alarm System?

What services come to mind when you hear the word “security”? Many people probably think of a service in which security guards patrol offices or factories. In Thailand, it is actually common to have security guards on duty.

However, among security services, there is a service called “ Alarm System ” that uses sensors to detect trespassing by thieves or fire, and a security guard rushes to check the site.

This time, we will introduce an overview of the Alarm System.

1.What is Alarm System?

Alarm System is a crime prevention system in which sensors are installed in offices and factories, and when an abnormality such as a suspicious person trespassing or a fire is detected, a security guard rushes to the site to confirm safety.

We will respond as follows.

  1. When the sensor detects an abnormality such as a burglary or fire, an alarm signal is sent to the control center, which is monitoring 24/7/365.
  2. If necessary, the monitoring staff will make an emergency contact to the customer and also report to the police and fire department.
  3. At the same time, the monitoring staff will give dispatch instructions to the security guard.
  4. Security guards rush to the site and check the safety and situation of the site.

2.Sensors that make up Alarm System

There are various types of sensors that make up Alarm System. The number and type of sensors needed will differ depending on whether the facility to be installed with security is an office or a warehouse, as well as the size of the facility. At ALSOK, we use different sensors according to the customer’s needs and provide the optimal Alarm System.

Below are the details of the sensor.

  • Opening/closing sensor: A sensor that detect opening /closing of a window or door. If a door or window is forced open while on guard duty, it will be detected as an abnormality.
  • Human sensor: A sensor that detects far-infrared rays emitted from the human body.
  • Shock sensor: A sensor that detects when glass breaks.
  • Infrared sensor: A sensor that detects trespassing by suspicious persons by blocking infrared rays.
  • Heat sensor: A sensor that detects the occurrence of a fire. An abnormality is detected when the area around the sensor reaches to high temperature.
  • Smoke sensor: A sensor that detects the occurrence of a fire. Detects smoke generated by fire.

3.Advantages of Alarm System

When deploying security guards, it costs a lot for labor as a running cost, but Alarm System, which detects abnormalities with sensors and dispatches guards only when necessary, is very reasonable in terms of cost. In addition, the sensor does not rest or slack off, so it accurately monitors the specified area.


This time, we introduced an overview of crime prevention and fire prevention measures called Alarm System.

ALSOK is one of the leading companies in the Japanese security industry, providing Alarm System not only in Japan but also in Southeast Asia, including Thailand. In Japan, Alarm System is a common crime prevention and fire prevention measure, so it is thought to be an effective measure in Thailand as well. If you would like to know more about Alarm System, please contact us below.

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