What is the benefits of introducing Alarm System in the office?

What should you do if you want to protect your office from burglary? The following measures are effective ways to strengthen office security.

  1. Key management: Prevent unauthorized access by properly managing office keys and discarding unnecessary spare keys.
  2. Installing CCTV systems: Install CCTV systems in important areas to monitor suspicious movements.
  3. Introducing a security system: Introducing a security system such as sensors and alarms to monitor intruders 24 hours a day. (Alarm System)

In this column, we will introduce the benefits of introducing the Alarm System, which is also provided by ALSOK Thailand.

What is Alarm System ?

Alarm System is a security system that installs monitoring sensors in offices, stores, factories, etc. where you want to strengthen security and detects abnormalities such as trespassing by suspicious persons or fire.

Alarm System Workflow

  • #1 When the sensor detects an abnormality, an alarm is sent to the control center, which is monitoring 24/7/365.
  • #2 If necessary, the monitoring staff will report to the customer, police, fire department, etc.
  • #3 In addition, alarm information will be shared from monitoring staff to security guards.
  • #4 If necessary, a security guard will rush to the site and confirm the safety and situation.

Advantages of introducing Alarm System in the office

Next, we will introduce the specific benefits of introducing the Alarm System.

1.Preventing the spread of damage

  • Even in the unlikely event such as trespassing by a suspicious person or a fire, it can be detected immediately through monitoring sensors installed in the office. When an abnormality occurs, security guards rush to the site and check the situation, minimizing damage.
  • If you install the Alarm System, we will provide you with a security company sticker. By putting stickers at office entrances to show the introduction of the Alarm System, you can expect to have the effect of deterring suspicious individuals from trespassing.


2. Security with excellent continuity and economy

  • Instead of security guards, monitoring sensors monitor offices 24/7/365 to detect trespassingby thieves or fires. It is possible to avoid situations where incident occurs while the security guard is not watching.
  • The cost of managing security guards can be reduced, realizing in cost-effective security.

3.Strengthening management of corporate confidential information and personal information

  • Management of confidential and personal information in companies is becoming more and more important. Cyber security alone is not enough to prevent information leaks.
  • In order to protect confidential and personal information from PC theft due to illegal entry or unauthorized removal, security measures are required for the office where information is stored.
  •  Alarm System is effective because it sends security guards to the site when sensors detect suspicious movement. If you also install a CCTV system, you can keep a video record of the suspicious person, making it even safer.



As mentioned above, Alarm System has various benefits. If you are not satisfied with the security provided by security guards or are considering reviewing your security costs, please consider installation. If you would like to know more about the Alarm System, please contact us below.

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