Why ALSOK Thailand is chosen

What kind of security company comes to mind when you want to protect your office or factory against crime?

This column introduces a company called ALSOK Thailand.

What is ALSOK?

ALSOK Thailand is the local subsidiary of ALSOK Group in Thailand. So, what is ALSOK? ALSOK is a Japanese company established in 1965 and is one of the leading companies in the security industry in Japan. For the fiscal year ended March 2023, ALSOK had sales of 492.2 billion yen and 39,039 employees. With sales of 123.7 billion yen for stationed security and 175.9 billion yen for Alarm System, ALSOK has a track record of providing security for major events such as the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

In addition to Thailand, ALSOK also operates in Vietnam, China, Indonesia, India, Myanmar, and Bangladesh, utilizing its security expertise cultivated in Japan.

What is ALSOK Thailand?

ALSOK has started business in Thailand in 2007 and established ALSOK Thailand. ALSOK Thailand now has the offices in Bangkok, Chonburi and Rayong, with the main service areas being Salaburi, Ayutthaya and Pathumthani in the north, Samut Prakhan, Chachung Sao, Chonburi and Rayong in the east, Samut Sakhon in the west and Bangkok. Our main customers are Japanese companies operating in Thailand, but we also do a lot of business with Thai companies.

What are the strengths of ALSOK Thailand?

In addition to providing security guards, ALSOK Thailand provides a one-stop service for various security services such as Alarm System and security cameras. As for security equipment, there is also a maintenance service, so it is not the end of the sales process, and we provide generous support for handling problems after installation.

In addition, based on our many achievements, we have installation know-how in various industries and facilities, from manufacturing to service industries, from offices to factories, so we can accommodate any customer.

Overview of each service

ALSOK Thailand has two brands of “stationed security”: ORIGINAL and ATS. ORIGINAL is a security service provided by in-house security guards who have received Japanese style training. ATS is a security service that provided in reasonable rates by dispatching security guards from partner companies. Both brands are managed by ALSOK Thailand, and Japanese managers control the service provision and respond to troubles. We strive to provide assured services by these service provision system as well as utilizing remote management by ALSOK call centers.

In addition, we also offer Alarm System, which security guards come to you when a sensor detects an abnormality. Instead of security guards checking for abnormalities, sensors detect abnormalities. Sensors take the place of security guards, making Alarm System a very reasonable compared to stationed security. Alarm System is a very common security service in Japan, and many companies and individuals have introduced it. Depending on the type of sensor, Alarm System works to fire and robbery as well as burglary.

Finally, we provide security cameras, access control systems (fingerprint and face authentication), fire sensors, AEDs, and other security and disaster prevention equipment.

ALSOK Thailand’s future vision

ALSOK Thailand aims to become a company that comprehensively manages customer facilities and provides one-stop services that enhance value by providing disaster prevention services, while focusing on security services.

If you have concerns with crime prevention or disaster prevention, please feel free to contact us.


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