Strengths and Weaknesses of Alarm System and Security Cameras

When you want to take security measures, what measures come to mind? Many people may think of security cameras. In addition to security cameras, there are various other types of security measures, such as stationed security guards and access control, but there is also “Alarm System”. By installing sensors, guards are dispatched to the premises in the event of an abnormality. Both security cameras and Alarm System have their strengths and weaknesses. In this column, we will look at the strengths and weaknesses of both Alarm System and security cameras.

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What is Alarm System?

Alarm System is a crime prevention system in which sensors are installed in offices and factories, and when an abnormality such as a suspicious person trespassing or a fire is detected, a security guard rushes to the site to confirm safety.

We will respond as follows. ① When the sensor detects an abnormality such as a burglary or fire, an alarm signal is sent to the control center, which is monitoring 24/7/365. ②If necessary, the monitoring staff will make an emergency contact to the customer and also report tonotify the police and fire department. ③At the same time, the monitoring staff will giveissue dispatch instructions to the security guard. ④ Security guards rush to the site and check the safety and situation of the site.

The Role of Security Cameras

What role do security cameras play as a security measure? The important role of a security camera is to record a footage. In the event of a robbery, burglary, fire, internal fraud, etc., foottage can be an evidence and help to determine the cause of the damage. In addition, the installation of security cameras can deter illigal deeds.

Weaknesses of Security Cameras

As we have seen previously, while security cameras are a very effective security measure, they have no way of doing anything when a crime is actually being committed. There may be cases where security guards stationed at the facility are constantly watching the security camera footage and respond to any abnormalities, but basically, the main role of a security camera is to check the camera footage after a crime has been committed. It is also difficult to take countermeasures when a crime is committed on the premise that it will be caught on a security camera.

Advantages of Alarm System

With Alarm System, in the event of an actual break-in, an alarm will go off at the site and a security guard will rush to the scene. If the security guards know that they are coming to the scene, the suspicious person may escape before completing the crime. Or, they may be able to catch the suspicious person at the scene. In other words, Alarm System can prevent the spread of damage at your facility. In addition to the guards rushing to the scene, we will also report to the police or fire department, depending on the situation.

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Alarm System and security cameras have their own advantages. By using each product according to your needs, you can effectively improve the security level of your facility. Alarm System is a common security measure in Japan, and is installed in many offices, buildings, warehouses, and factories. Although Alarm System is not yet widely recognized in Thailand, it is a recommended security measure for those who are dissatisfied with the weak points of security cameras or who want to enhance security. With labor costs set to rise further in the future, the price is reasonable compared to having stationed security guards.

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